#TheFutureOfWork Is In Our Hands

7 Strong, Independent Takeaways From the Women in Tech Conference

On June 4, Slate Studio joined with  Amy Poehler’s Smart GirlsGeneral Assembly host Women & Girls In Tech: #TheFutureOfWork, which brought together 20 speakers, 135 attendees, and over a dozen partners to elevate the discourse around the women executives of today, and the future leaders of tomorrow. Thanks to our friend’s at Inc.com for capturing 7 Strong, Independent Takeaways From the Women in Tech Conference.

“As technologists, there are so many women that have influenced us in our profession - Radia Perlman, Carol Shaw, Susan Kare, Heddie Lamar; we want to continue to be impacted by the next generation of women leaders in the tech space.” - Ethan Grey Managing Director & Chief Strategy Officer, Slate Studio,

When thinking about the types of events we wanted to host this year, we knew our goal was to host honest and authentic conversations exploring the state of media, entertainment and technology. As Ethan Grey our Managing Director & Chief Strategy Officer put it, "We looked around the room during meetings with tech companies, and more people looked like us (men) than (women), and we felt we needed to do something to change that.” 

It has been a historical month so far for women and girls. We are proud to have been a small part of it.

Our community is built on great relationships, and we're so grateful to our speakers and partners in this event, including: 


Meredith Walker, Jeri Ward, Jyotika Virmani, Dea Lawrence, Cristina Mancini, Carisa Bianchi, Kara Buckley, K.C. Geiger, Moira Griffin, Sarah Penna, Moj Mahdara, Robyn Ward, Lauren Berger, Sarah Moshman, Sarah Kunst, Ariel Kaye, Maggie Chieffo, Brady Hahn, and Silvia Vannini and her new baby girl!


Audi, who provided transportation to and from the event to speakers and our teen participants. 

Girls Build LA/LA Fund, Math Science College Prep, for ensuring future leaders could join us and share their hopes for the future of work and the inspiring work they are doing to help their communities like the RIDE Project team from Steam Legacy High school. 

Desk Yogi who is helping participants turn their workstations into wellness stations with a complimentary six-month subscription.

Last, but not least, thank you to our food and drink partners for keeping everyone hydrated and full all day, including: Suja, Sprinkles, Penta Water, NatureBox, HonestTea, Chill, Brewla, Skinnypop, LUNA Bar, and Fundamental LA.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook for  photos from the event. And if you want to catch Sarah Moshman’s videos, you can find them here: The Empowerment Project and Losing Sight of Shore.

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