How to start with D3.js

A short summary about how to get back or start programming with D3.js quickly.

D3.js is a perfect tool for building charts. It's extremely simple and powerful, all you need is a basic understanding of Javascript and concepts of SVG. The javascript library is built by a very talented person  Mike Bostock. His main input is not the library itself, but the big amount of created visualizations, which may cover use cases even of a very demanding user.

Our company has been using D3.js for a few years providing graphic solutions in projects for WTA, Kik Messenger, QuadMetrics. Recently we switched to Google Charts and Analytics Embed API, which are very good and easy to use out-of-the-box tools with good documentation,  but D3.js still remains our wizard stick when it comes to custom and specific cases.

As far as we get back to D3.js quite often, bellow is a collection of useful links which help our devs to recall D3.js fundamentals quickly.

  1. Scott Murray. D 3 Tutorials.  The best D3 tutorial we have ever met . Everything is short and clear. No need to buy the book, usually the online docs are enough to understand everything and start.
  2. Basic Chars and Techniques, Interaction & Animation created by Mike Bostock. When you get familiar with the basics of D3, go ahead and check these simple examples.
  3. D3 API Reference, where you find everything else you may need while working with D3.js.

Hope you enjoy D3.js  as much as we do.