"Doing Good is Good for Business"

— Richard Branson

Making its debut in LA on October 17, Entrepreneur Impact Day links nonprofits that have pressing issues to startups with proven skill sets. EID’s founders recognized that nonprofits can excel further if only they had more resources, while at the same time, many startups have a difficult time determining the right organizations to work with. So EID’s solution is to thoughtfully bring these two positively impactful communities together in order to create synergy for community development, talent-discovery and fundraising. A win-win!

Slate Studio was really excited for the chance to participate in this event. With collaborative assistance from Paul (Contract Cloud), Ron (Cloud), Brian (Clutter), Rebecca (RKS Design), and Kris (Amplify), we had the pleasure of helping The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurs' LA chapter, which opened its doors in 2007. Their mission is to “provide programs that inspire young people from low-income communities to stay in school, recognize business opportunities and to plan for successful futures” by introducing them to business concepts.

NFTE needed marketing material that was concise and incentivising. The pitch had to explain what they do, their results and impact, and how people can get involved either through donations, volunteerism or sponsorships. The perfect solution for them was to create an infographic.

Infographics provide visual data. They tell a story that can quickly and easily be comprehended and shared, which is why they’ve become popular in recent years. Additionally, the color scheme and graphics paired with intelligent information hierarchy creates an engaging persuasive message.

With so many nonprofits to choose from, data visualization will help provide NFTE with a strong competitive edge. We’re very happy to have had the chance to create an infographic that can serve as an invaluable resource for their organization.