Chatbots and the Revolt Against Ads at Social Media Week LA

In conversation with Kik Messenger and AwesomenessTV

During Social Media Week LA, we joined with our client Kik Messenger to host two events during the week. This included an open house at Slate Studio Headquarters in Venice and mainstage discussion with Paul Kelly (Chief Partnerships Officer, AwesomenessTV) and Josh Jacobs (President of Kik Messenger), who was recognized as one of the “ 20 Speakers You’ll Want To Hear At Social Media Week LA”, called Ghost in The Machine: How Chatbots & Messaging Are Reshaping The Social Economy.

This year’s SMW conference theme, “The Invisible Hand: Hidden Forces of Technology (and How We Can Harness it for Good),” explored how mobile technology, networked connectivity, data and machine learning, and other technologies are the attributes of a new paradigm that is changing how we connect, consume and communicate.

Slate’s conversation was centered around chatbots’ potential to change the culture of advertising and brand integration from one of “disruption,” to a more unifying native experience. Chatbots allow us to work in a constrained domain, yielding experiences that actually matter to the user.   

Our partnership with Kik began in 2015 when we started developing their “Kik the Vote” platform, an advanced chatbot experience covering a range of issues and discussion topics, targeted at U.S. millennials and centered around the 2016 Presidential election.

Currently, 40% of US teens are spending roughly 100 minutes a week on Kik Messenger’s platform, which averages 300,000 downloads daily. Using the latest Kik tools & services, combined with Slate’s own chatbot authoring platform, Character, we created an administrative toolset for Kik that allowed non-developers to easily create and manage Chatbot campaigns. To date, 100mm+ Kik bots have created through the campaign.

For a full recap of the conversation, be sure to checkout a summary from our friends at SMWLA:  How Chatbots And Messaging Are Reshaping The Social Economy

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